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About Us

What’s the deal with PSD Corp.?

The basics

Founded in 2001 by Nestor D. Dávila (presently sole owner of the company), we are PSD Corp., a Puerto Rican corporation focused on supplying unmatched services in everything related to fluids management and its systems. 
Always for you

Excellent service and attention for all our clients.

Up to Date
Modern Solutions

Providing new products to fix application problems and constant seal failures

Good as new
Fast Response

Immediate repair response with refurbished “good as new” seals at lower cost

With You
Know what you receive

Dedication to educating our clients, helping them understand the science behind mechanical seals

Always up and running

Commitment to keeping our clients’ plants in operation.

24-hour on call
Always available

On-site technical support and assistance to incorporate modern mechanical seals to old equipment .

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With more than 15 years of dedicated service

As an authority in the field, PSD has garnered an impressive expertise in fluids system repairs, and honed a sophisticated ability for developing, upgrading and enhancing all fluids industry-related products and equipment, with a notable strength in manufacturing plants.

Our clientele benefits from a complete list of fluids management-related services including consultation, spare parts and equipment, engineering, maintenance and repair of pumps, valves, mechanical seals, transmissions, rotating equipment, tanks, and much more. 

Relying on 12 skilled collaborators, PSD is the only company in Puerto Rico capable of repairing any and all brands’ mechanical seals, without exception. With more than 15 years of dedicated service, we are also the sole authorized qualified distributor and repair services supplier for AESSEAL® mechanical seals throughout the Caribbean (excepting Trinidad and Tobago). In fact, for several years AESSEAL® has awarded our company international recognition (Top Sales Distributor for single seal sales, and Top Producer of single seal sales, among others) for exceeding expectations on its product line. We’re proud to see our efforts so acknowledged. Then again, excellence begets excellence.

Our Mission

Ensure our clients receive excellent services and first-rate mechanical solutions in the transfer and management of fluids, thus developing strong, long-lasting and productive relationships. We also aim to contribute to Puerto Rico’s economic progress by legitimately and efficiently meeting the industry’s needs.

Our Vision

We intend to consolidate our leadership in the local market and expand towards the global economy in order to forge new commercial associations and, consequently, establish our mechanical and technological solutions at the international level.
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Our clients include some of the best known household names, such as:
  • Amgen Manufacturing

  • Cortés Industrial Organization

  • Engineering Parts and Service

  • Merck Sharp and Dohme

  • Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority

  • Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority

  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

We represent:

  • Summit Pump

  • Grundfos

  • Inpro-Seal

  • Flowtrend

  • Greene Tweed

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We renew our commitment to provide unsurpassed service on a daily basis, pleased to offer our comprehensive expertise, experience and knowledge to anyone and everyone who requires it.

And that’s how we seal the deal.

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A fluid vision

  • Firstly, as a company, we don’t go with the flow. It doesn’t make it easier but it makes us better, stronger, and we stand out from the rest. Easy breezy? No thanks. We’ll take uncharted waters, make waves and reach new shores. 

  • We also continually optimize our internal processes to provide excellence in service. Organizationally speaking, we’re trying to swim 2,500 meter per second, free-styling.  

  • Of utmost importance for us is to establish bonds of trust with our clients in order to safeguard and strengthen our business relationships. 

  • We strive to understand the diverse variables of the global economy in order to get a better idea of the larger picture. This helps guide our executive decisions. Call it our North Star. 

  • We are constantly in the process of developing an export plan that will help establish our company and products in the world-wide market.
  • Lastly, we intend to maximize our profits while also increase all our internal and external customers’ satisfaction. 

Put us to the test and find out why PSD Corp.

Seals the Deal, Every time